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woodbloom® began in 1998 when, after spending more than two decades shopping, collecting and travelling, we decided to make these avocations our vocation. "We" are Audrey Perino and Ken Kane — that's us in the photo. We opened a gift store in our hometown of Portland, Oregon, and in your hometown via your computer and the Internet. We no longer have a storefront, so your main source for finding woodbloom® and our unique array of gifts, souvenirs and clothing is via your computer.

Occasionally, you can find our woodbloom® booth at festivals and events in the Portland area. For a list of upcoming events, click here.

We specialize in humorous and innovative "Portland Gear" — our exclusive line of wearables and souvenirs. These are items which we've personally designed to fill a need which was lacking in Portland: quality, unique mementos of the city and state at reasonable prices. This line includes aprons, shot glasses, ball caps, "hoodies," t-shirts, holiday ornaments and more.

We also sell ceramics (many with a beer or wine theme,) jewelry, greeting cards and some very tongue-in-cheek tees, and lots of things to bring a sense of home or humor to your walls.

We're your source for Silver Forest jewelry as well as for the many items produced in the woodshop at Twelve Timbers. You can also find Paul A. Lanquist's retro posters of Portland and Oregon.

We hope you enjoy your trek through the woodbloom® Website.

Happy shopping!

You can contact us toll-free at 888-382-GIFT
or via e-mail: greatgifts@

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